When you write an analytical research paper, you write with a direct focus on the subject in question. Analytical research seeks to answer the question “how?”

The number one step to having an impressive analytic research is to understand the concept. You do this by reading the question; digest it and clear up any grey areas. Don’t assume you understand what your instructor requires of you when you don’t. While reading the problem, take note of instructive phrases such as “evaluate”, “compare”, “discuss” etc. Also, take note of conditions that narrow down the scope of your research.

Before Writing the Research Paper…

To start writing your research paper, firstly, make an outline and pen down your thoughts as a draft.  Secondly, divide the framework made into the major parts of any research paper which are introduction, body and conclusion. 

The introduction should include the background of the study, thesis statement or the main idea and a statement about how you’ll prove your thesis. The body should consist of the discussions of the main points sourced from journals, articles, magazines and other related sources. Also, you can cite relevant examples for proper understanding. The conclusion should contain the project’s summary, the result of the findings, and recommendations. Furthermore, it would be best if you restate your thesis at the end.

How to Arrange an Analytical Research Paper

I have discussed the framework above, which contains three parts. The body section should have three paragraphs. The first two paragraphs should present the author’s opinion about an issue and also, there should be a detailed thesis statement. The last part should be for the counterclaim and its evidence of disproof. 

The Introduction Section

Your paper should captivate and spark the interest of your readers. If your article compels them to read further, then, you have done a great job. You can start the paper with a controversial statement or a probing question – this will hook down your readers and drive them to be more interested in your essay.

How to Write a full Body for an Analytical Research

In analytical research, the body consists of four major elements – the topic sentence, the claim, the claimant’s evidence, and connection between the evidence and the subject matter. The subject matter, also called a topic sentence, covers the thesis statement. The statement is divided into sections and each section takes a paragraph. The claim connects to a particular section of the subject matter. Hence, you can give your opinion on it. There is always a counterclaim with its evidence in an analytical research paper. Therefore, expound your purpose of choosing to support the claim taking your evidence from related approved sources. Furthermore, you need to state the relationship between the evidence and the topic sentence.

How to Write the Conclusion

In this part, do not copy your thesis statement directly but restate it.  After this, complete your writing by giving the reader a good ending and provide recommendations that can be useful for future researchers.