In any kind of writing, the introduction is the first part of the write-up that gives an idea of what the rest of the work will be about. In most cases, you cannot say that the introduction contents are adequate since they are just a glimpse. A research paper introduction is a bit more intense and loaded. It touches on the main parts of the study and gives an idea of what to expect. It may not be the very first part of the paper but it carries a lot of weight. In writing your introduction, be careful not to lose track of your thoughts.

The introduction should be organized and precise. The reader should be able to tell from there whether they are interested in the rest of the study or not. Endeavor to engage the reader right from the first line. The different parts of the introduction play a specific role in bringing the reader up to speed with what the research is all about. The following are the parts of a research paper introduction and how they play out:

  • Topic Announcement

The title is the very first part of the paper which might not say much about what to expect. However, it should be clear enough to point to the rest of the research work. In the introduction, you will need to outline your topic and link it to other topical issues that are of interest to your study. Let the reader understand how the title came about how you intend to break it down. It is advisable to give a general idea then gradually narrow down to specific details.

  • Give a context and background

This is more like explaining the factors around your research topic. Stating the inspirations for your study and how you intend to bring the facts home. The background of the study gives the reader a deeper understanding of your intentions and goals. At this point, they can tell whether your work is headed in the right direction or not.

  • Properly state your rationale

At this point, you need to stress your rationale by showing the relevance of the topic. Since they have already gone through the topic, it is now time to prove that it is worth the study. Help the reader to understand the significance of your research.

  • State your thesis

In your introduction, you will need to mention your thesis statement. This part marks the conclusion of your introduction and the transition into the main research. It is a sentence that will support all that you have before and tell the reader what you will be trying to prove by going into the study.

Bottom Line

All parts of a research paper are equally important and each contributes in a special way towards the success of the study. However, the introduction has a special place since it determines whether the reader follows the rest of the study or not. That’s why you can pay someone to write my research paper if you don’t know how to write the introduction by yourself. The guidelines given here will help you to come up with a winning introduction for your paper.